The moose is in the TRUTH group.

    Here is the logic:

  • Only a HYBRID can say that he’s not a TRUTH, because if a TRUTH said he was not a TRUTH he’d be lying; and a LIAR would be telling the truth if he said he was not in the TRUTH group.
  • So, the blue bear is in the HYBRID group
  • Likewise, if the blue bear told the truth in the first part of his statement, the second part has to be false, which means the moose is not in the LIAR group. But this is not enough, because the moose could be a HYBRID or a TRUTH.
  • One statement appears true, and that is the chicken’s saying he is not a HYBRID. If this be true, he is a TRUTH. If he be in the LIAR group, he would have said he was in the HYBRID group. Thus, the chicken is TRUTH, and what he says about the moose is absolutely true.
  • Therefore, the moose is in the TRUTH group.

* HYBRID -tell the truth one time and lie the next time they speak

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