Novel yang patut dibaca

Itulah novel ISABELLA.

Sebuah novel karangan Maulana Mohammad Saeed. “A Novel Based on a Comparative Study of Islam and Christianity”.

“Personal experiences of Christian girl, daughter of the head priest of Cordova, the historical city of Spain. She studied Christianity and tested it by its basic teachings. A time came when she understood the misguidance and disruption of Christianity when the reality was revealed to her and she abandoned Christian faith and embraced Islam. She faced bravely and willingly the hardships and tortures of her father, the head priest, her teacher, who gave her of Christianity and other fellow citizens. A worth reading and notable book, which enhances your knowledge.”

Ia dikarang oleh penulisnya di dalam Bahasa Urdu tetapi kemudian diterjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Inggeris (15 Ogos 1974) oleh Rahm Ali Al-Hashmi dengan judul ISABELLA dan diterjemahkan ke bahasa Melayu (Jun 1988) oleh Abdullah Hussain.

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